You can earn more than 30,000 per month. if you have 10 * 10 places.

Profitable business :

Hello friends today in our business post we are going to know about a wonderful business to earn up to 30,000 rupees from home. Anyone can do this business. It can also be said to be an easy profession. Also, you can find out how to start this business, the materials and facilities required for this in our post.

Space required :

It is not necessary to have a very big place to do this business. If you have a small space in your house i.e. 10 × 10 space is enough, once this business starts and after good growth you can set up a separate place and start this business with people.

Toothpick making business :

The business we are going to look at in connection with is Toothpick manufacturing. The requirements of this toothpick are high, generally adults in the house are using it more, this toothpick is being manufactured and sold in large quantities, you can easily make a toothpick at home. And know what it takes to make them.

Toothpick making machine :

There are various types of machines for toothpick manufacturing. You can get this machine online or directly. These machines are available online for as low as 10,000 or 20,000 rupees. And the materials needed to make this toothpick can also be purchased online.

Method of packing :

After making this toothpick, you can buy a small container box and pack 50 toothpicks in it. The price of this toothpick is sold online starting from 70 rupees. After making it, you can sell it to online market, department store, grocery store, medical shop etc. And by making and selling it, you can earn up to 30,000 rupees per week.

And if this business is useful for you then you can start and earn more profit.

By Karthik

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