Want to earn even while you sleep Here are 5 way

Want to earn even while you sleep Here are 5 ways for your passive income

In general, we have heard many economic experts and investment advisors say this. But a question that many people have is can you earn income (passive income) while you sleep? How is that? Will it be safe? How to do it? What are the ways to do that? Many questions arise.

What is passive income? Income that comes without any activity on your part is considered passive income.

Want to earn even while you sleep Here are 5 way

Passive income

For example, you may rent your house or commercial premises from month to month. Fixed deposits can be made in banks. So what are the top 5 investments that can earn you income while you sleep? Let’s see.

Want to earn even while you sleep Here are 5 way

Rental income

You can get income by renting out your existing house or land, office etc. However, this feature may not be suitable for everyone. Often you can rent out things you already own, like a car. However, it is not right to invest separately and earn income for this. Because investments in real estate and cars are huge. After all, the growth of real estate in Durai will not be huge.


Influencers are the people who have the most followers on social media. By promoting a brand on social media, these influencers can easily reach people. Influencers are also a trending marketing technique to earn income. For example famous actor, actresses, athletes. No one pays their special attention to this. Instead, income for them is multifaceted. It is useful for people who use social networking sites a lot.

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Mutual fund

Mutual funds are seen as a great way of passive income. There is also risk in this. However, we are going to invest in this through fund managers. If you choose good funds and leave them for long term, you will get income and this also has dividend income. Similarly, stocks can also be bought and kept. However, the risk is high.

Bank fixed deposit

Bank Fixed Deposits are a passive income that can provide constant returns. How many years in the beginning? We only decide how much to invest. This way you can see the income even while you are sleeping. However, all the above schemes do not give huge returns. So it is not suitable for those who want to earn huge income. To be more clear these are good schemes for those who invest their surplus in hand. For example retirees who don’t know what to do with their cash can invest in such schemes.

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