Very interesting information about Bangladesh:

Very interesting information about Bangladesh : Born in 1971 and now in his 50s, Bangladesh’s economy is not as large as it used to be, but it is known as one of the poorest in the world. Let’s look at some of the worst things about Bangladesh Now Bangladesh, a small country with a large population of about 16 trillion, is a country that fails to provide basic facilities to its citizens, including health care, education and employment.

Farmers do not have a fair supply of poultry and produce so most of the people in the farming industry are poor. Textiles and textiles are Bangladesh’s most important export.

Because Pulimedu is a leading exporter of garments worldwide, about 90% of the country’s total revenue comes from the garment and textile industry. Many lawsuits have also been filed here.

Many of the world’s biggest brands are producing their own clothing but there are plenty of poor people who have no way to buy a normal coat. Bangladesh ranks 141st in 2021 black film of the year Corruption is rampant in the country’s government and public sector.

Evidence of women and children being trafficked is a transportation and target country Bangladesh Bangladesh Displaced women and girls due to family poverty are particularly sexually abused Women are more likely to be involved in the sex trade and a more serious disease A 2004 survey found that about 10,000 depressed women are used in sex hostels.

Corrupt officials often do not care to stop the work The government rarely even prosecutes those who engage in sex work

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