Unknown facts of about hand signals

Hand signals are a powerful means of communication in some important cases, such as driving while being able to speak with gestures and some things that cannot be spoken orally. Let us now look at the 6 most important Hand issues.

Signal for help :

A simple hand signal that you show in case you get stuck in something unseen can save your life i.e. in case you get stuck in isolated areas including islands just stretch your both arms towards the passing ship or helicopter and move further down, this is an international hand gestures done for help Yes, when you wave, the person on the ship or helicopter will approach you, realizing that you need help.

Hand signal for domestic violence :

In some cases, when a man or woman is threatened or assaulted by their partner, they may not be able to speak out loud and ask for help. Fold your fingers and show this hand signal to the person talking to you on video footage or to a neighbor who will understand it and help you get help from the police.

Hand signal to agree :

The agreement hand signal can be very useful if you are talking to someone on video or you are an online tutor. You can signal with the hand signal without interrupting the speaker that you agree with the speaker on the opposite end.

Hand signal in speeches :

When you speak in the middle of a crowd it is just as important that your hand signal be in a way that attracts the attention of others as your speech. These hand speeches have been found to have a positive effect on people, to build the confidence of those gathered to listen to your speech and to keep your palms pointing upwards and speaking with both your hands outstretched.

Hand signal to help a deaf person :

People who are stunned or deaf due to death or major cause can ask for help with a hand signal. To do this, just raise the thumb of your left hand with the palm of your right hand up and keep the other fingers folded.

Hand signal in job interview :

Job Interview An event that can cause panic and fear The job will only be available if you perform well in the interview in that tense environment so you can use your fingers to show your confidence and superiority before the interview. It will also inform you of your Confidence and Superiority in your iinterview.

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