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Top 5 future technologies in the world billions years

Top 5 future technologies in the world billions years

Number 1 : The Logical advancements

The Logical advancements. For example, humans are now using millions of wormholes because of particle accelerators the size of asteroid belts. There are now multiple wormholes are to able to take us to other parts of the universe, including some of the most distant galaxies as a result humans and their robotic probes have explored millions of galaxies and billions of planets and moons Wormhole hubs. I’ve been constructed in each Galaxy in which multiple wormholes are grouped together and connected to destinations with varying distances.

Number 2 : Humans are able to enter other universes.

Humans are able to enter other universes. Humans are able to create wormholes to enter younger universes that aren’t expanding as dangerously fast as our universe. These universes are parallel to ours and have similar laws of physics.

These universes also have much lower amount Oz of dark energy as a result. They expand enough to cool down and allow habitable planets to form, but they don’t expand so fast that galaxies stars and planets become too far apart from each other humans who are able to travel through wormholes and hyperspace to other universes, in the form of beer and energy. Additionally, an enormous amount of energy is able to be harvested from these other universes. Surplus, energy, enables abilities and technologies.

That would be considered magic to a type one civilization. For example, when you visiting and studying, less Advanced alien civilizations, this technology allows users to walk through walls, operate aircraft ads unnatural velocities disappear, and reappear at will and manipulate the physical characteristics of any object using only once. Thoughts from the perspective of these less Advanced aliens, these real paranormal activities that defy their most logical understanding of physics.

Number 3 : Optimal computational efficiency

That I called computers are becoming more common a long time ago, computers reach their optimal computational efficiency at that point. The only way to increase their computational power was to increase their Mass. If we increase in computers Mass enough,

Its gravitational force becomes strong enough to cause it to collapse into a black hole. It’s for that reason that a black hole could be considered the ultimate computer. It’s now possible to create a well-organized. Black holes are able to perform levels of computation and a never been seen before. This is made possible because when a particle is emitted, from a black hole, it remains Quantum entangled with its corresponding antiparticle and has I peered into the black hole.

If an antiparticle inside a black hole becomes involved in a useful computation, in these results will be encoded in the state of its Tangled partner, particle outside of the black hole, likewise other types of computers are now larger than the size of planets and stars. Some of them are so large and Powerful. They have to be placed in hyperspace, which is a form of multi-dimensional space that exists outside. Of our universe trillions of human minds are merged with these computers to enable unimaginable intelligence levels.

Number 4 : The expansion of the universe

The expansion of the universe is being reversed in some regions of space. The universe is expanding and that expansion is accelerating exponentially. In fact space is expanding faster than the speed of light as the universe continues. Expanding at this rate, a hypothetical phenomenon called the pig. Grip could occur this is when galaxies stars and planets become so far apart from each other that biological life can no longer benefits from the solar rays of nearby Stars. This is a major threat to humanity. Since humans are able to harness extra Galactic, dark energy are able to manipulate the extra Dimensions revealed by string theory. And they’re beginning to create a gigantic sphere where dark energy can be reverse. Every time so that the cosmic expansion is First outside the sphere the universe might continue expanding exponentially. But inside the sphere, the galaxies and stars evolve. Normally this has feared can almost be looked at as, as he Dyson Sphere Edge fraps Dark Energy inside.

Number 5 : Humans are capable of creating small, universes

Humans are capable of creating small, universes, humans can now create the conditions to cause big bangs and creates a small universes in hyperspace happen. Basically, if someone was close enough to these big bangs, it would detect the shock waves. In our universe in these universes, all known microscopic elements ads or below the Planck scale are controllable and infused with intelligence. Some of these universes are parallel to each other and are starting to contain multiple levels of simulations. Thanks for watching. Make sure to watch this next video in this video,

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