Investment of Rs 5000.. Ordinary people can also become millionaires

Investment of Rs 5000.. Ordinary people can also become millionaires

Mutual funds are generally recommended by experts as an investment, that too for the long term. Investing through SIP on a monthly basis is seen as a better option than investing lump sum in those mutual funds. If you invest like that on a monthly basis and see it in the long term, it can create a huge corpus. Can you build a corpus of Rs 2 crore by investing Rs 5000 per month? Let’s see.

Investment of Rs 5000.. Ordinary people can also

Mutual fund :

However, choosing the right fund to build such a large corpus is essential. So the first funds we see today are index funds. Generally, index funds are funds that track popular market indices. Generally when we invest in the stock market we choose a company and invest. That too is fine if it ends in profit. Loss will be a bad effect. But for those who think so, index funds are the perfect option.

Investment of Rs 5000.. Ordinary people can also

Nifty 50 :

For example let’s say investing in Nifty 50. Think about investing in any one of the top 50 companies, or what it would be like to spread your investment among these 50 stocks. In this the average profit is marginal. Out of 50 companies you buy, 10 companies will fail and 40 companies will recover. So your loss will be reduced. So investors should choose it properly and invest.

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Investment of Rs 5000.. Ordinary people can also

5000 per month investment :

So if you choose the right band, it can create a huge corpus. For example, if you invest 5000 rupees per month for 30 years, assuming a 12% return, it will be 1,76,49,568.87 rupees. In this your total investment will be 18,00,000 rupees. Here the income will be Rs 1,58,49,568.87.

How about Rs.2 crore?

This income can increase year by year. So you need to increase your investment to increase your income. If you increase like that, you can easily reach 2 crore rupees.

Check often I have invested Rs 5000 per month :

As for whether my work is done with this, it is definitely not. Check your portfolio regularly. Instead of investing in a single stock, you can invest in different stocks. And invest without stopping in between. Above all, to increase your income, you need to increase your investment.

Medical Insurance :

And investing alone is not enough. Medical insurance plans should be chosen to help with emergency needs. This will further help you in emergencies. This way you can avoid huge unexpected expenses.

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