You are currently viewing Rs.50 Lakhs in just 3-5 years How much to invest in SIP?

Rs.50 Lakhs in just 3-5 years How much to invest in SIP?

Rs.50 Lakhs in just 3-5 years How much to invest in SIP?

How much to invest in SIP? :

SIP investment is one of the most preferred investment schemes in today’s times, from small investors to big investors. This can be invested on a monthly basis according to one’s convenience. Through this you can make huge investments. Mutual Funds are a great way to accumulate wealth. Through this you can save a small amount every month. Even if your monthly savings are small, you can build a huge corpus.

How much to invest in SIP?

Invest according to their convenience :

SBI Investment is an investment scheme for small investors to large investors as per their convenience. Through this one can invest according to their own risk. SIP investment plan provides an opportunity to automate investments for our life.

Long term goal can be easily achieved :

SIP plans are easy to manage. The returns also depend on the investment period. Long term investment will give higher returns and short term investment will give corresponding returns. By investing in it regularly, you can get multiple returns on your investment. Your income will increase and you will be able to reach your goals sooner.

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S I P is the best option :

Whether you are an expert or a novice investor, the best option to invest in is SIP. This may be the easiest way to reach your corpus in 2023. In that way, a corpus of 50 lakh rupees should be created in 3-5 years.

How much to invest in SIP?

How about a target of Rs.50 lak? :

Although there is risk in mutual product, so is the profit. Let us assume an average return of 15%. By investing Rs 55,750 per month, you can reach the target of Rs 50 lakh in 5 years. By investing Rs 55750 per month, you can reach a corpus of Rs 49,99,754 assuming 15% in 5 years.

Invest in which bundle? :

The same HDFC Plexi Cap Fund and Nippon India Midcap Multicap Fund have returned 19.40% and 15.90% respectively in the current year. It has returned 2.59% and 5.91% last year. If you make your investment in such funds you can easily achieve your goal.

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