How do Best I cure a high BP 2023 ?

How do best I cure a high BP 2023 ?

How do best I cure a high BP? In today’s hectic lifestyle, there are many problems such as strictness of superiors in the office, family management, children’s studies, time management, money management, taking care of elderly parents. Most of the Indian middle class goes through each day facing such problems in their daily life. This causes depression and high blood pressure.

This leads to heart problems. To avoid this, just by following some small healthy habits in our daily life, we can bring the blood pressure under control without the help of medicine pills. Let’s take a look at the 10 steps we should follow to lower blood pressure naturally.

Exercise and walk in the morning

High blood sugar, high blood pressure and obesity are interrelated. As obesity increases, sugar levels and blood pressure increase. It is very important to exercise at least 15 minutes in the morning. Similarly, it is better to take a 20-minute walk while enjoying nature. Thus our body weight is always under control. It also helps to keep blood pressure stable.

How do Best I cure a high BP 2023 ?

Yoga and Pranayama

When the oxygen level in the blood increases, the blood flow of the body increases and the blood pressure is under control. Doing yoga and breathing exercises daily increases blood flow to the body. This keeps the blood pressure stable. Avoid junk food!

It is better to reduce as much as possible the consumption of fatty snacks like samosas, bajjis, bhondas sold at roadside stalls. In such stores the oil is repeatedly heated every day to undergo an acid change called ‘transfat’. By eating these oily snacks, ‘bad cholesterol’ begins to build up in the blood vessels. Due to this, the smooth flow of blood in the heart is affected. This increases blood pressure.

Avoid caffeine, smoke and alcohol!

It is essential that the blood flow in the heart vessels is smooth. Nicotine in cigarettes, alcohol in wine, caffeine in tea and coffee increase the blood pressure in the heart. This results in high blood pressure, palpitations, sudden dizziness and sweating.

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Avoid processed foods!

When food is processed, more sodium salt is added. People above 50 years of age and with high blood pressure should avoid processed foods. Do not add too much salt to the food like gravy, rasam, vegetables. People with high blood pressure should limit their salt intake to 1,500 milligrams (about a teaspoon of salt) per day.

Keep your weight under control!

Jogging, morning walk, exercise, yoga, pranayama, cycling, swimming to lose weight and check your weight and waist circumference from time to time. It is important to avoid bloat.

Eat nutritious foods!

Daily intake of minerals, fiber, protein-rich vegetables, fruits, greens, nuts and whole grains is essential. Especially eating avocado, potassium-rich broccoli and bananas can keep blood pressure under control.

Avoid oil-fried non-vegetarian foods!

Non-vegetarian foods like oil-fried chicken, mutton, and fish are high in fat. By eating these, the level of bad cholesterol in the blood increases. It gets deposited on the inside of the heart blood vessel and starts narrowing day by day. Due to this, the blood pressure will increase. If you want to add protein, you can eat oil, salt and salt in moderation in non-vegetarian food. Non-vegetarians can eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses.

Do what you love!

Everyone has some kind of childishness and mischievousness hidden in them. As we grow older, we have come a long way from family responsibilities and social status. Activities such as playing with children, dancing, shouting excitedly and jumping around increase the release of serotonin, the hormone that induces happiness in the brain. Due to this, the mind becomes light and the blood pressure is normalized.

Laughter therapy

Keep your mind fresh. It is treated with ‘laughter therapy’ in western countries. Now it has started gaining popularity in our towns too. After a morning walk, many people can gather in one place, laugh and release their stress. With laughter therapy, enjoying your favorite comedies at home, reading a book, and having fun with your family will all bring benefits. Laughing continuously for 15-20 minutes a day can reduce stress and stabilize blood pressure. When we laugh, we unknowingly breathe more and take in more oxygen. This increases blood clotting. High blood pressure drops immediately.

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