Face-to-face flights in the Middle East! The 328 passengers in despair

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              Two of the Indigo Airbus A-320 aircraft were facing straight into the middle. The massive accident is reported to have been avoided by TCS technology. Two flights owned by Indigo Company departed from Coimbatore to Hyderabad (6E-779) and Bangalore from Cochin (6E-6505) on the 10th. Of these, about 328 passengers have gone. 
              Two airplanes flying 100 kmph at Bangaruru airspace, face 8 km away. Two aircraft pilots were warned by the sophisticated technology called “Traffic Collision Avoidance System”. As a result, the great accident was to be avoided. With the warning alarm sounded, the pilots quickly switched the plane’s direction just 200 feet away. 
               In this connection, the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board has initiated an investigation. Similarly, the 6E-647 Indigo flight departing Visakhapatnam-Bangalore on May 21 last year avoided an accident in the Indian Air Force plane.