Effects and benefits of drinking coffee

A delicious cup of coffee upon waking up in the morning will wake you up from bed and benefit your health in many ways but drinking coffee after a meal prevents your body from getting all the nutrients from food especially reducing iron absorption by 80%.

So if your body doesn’t get enough iron it affects you in many ways and it shows up in your skin which means your skin becomes paler and drier than normal which makes your skin look more wrinkled Drinking coffee right after a meal slows down your body’s ability to absorb other essential minerals including calcium.

We naturally absorb calcium through our hair and skin. Excreted through sweat and urine Drinking coffee after a meal causes the body to lose more calcium. If your diet does not replace the calcium that is lost in this way, the body begins to take the calcium it needs from the teeth and bones, resulting in weak bones and teeth becoming brittle and causing gum irritation. Even if your diet is balanced and full of all essential nutrients, the habit of drinking coffee directly after a meal can sabotage your efforts to eat healthy because drinking a cup of coffee directly after a meal reduces the body’s absorption of many important nutrients.

It affects your body in many ways, especially your hair. When your body is deficient in iron, the blood has a hard time carrying oxygen to the cells in your body that stimulate hair growth.

This affects the health of the skin covering your scalp and eventually leads to hair loss.

By Karthik

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