Don’t make such mistakes in your Smart Phone..!

Hello dear friends… In today’s post we are going to talk about something that everyone should know. Nowadays everyone is using smart phones. Why… even kids are using these smart phones. The demand for smart phones is high these days.

With the advent of smart phones, people have forgotten to even talk face to face. Rather than saying that we use smartphones, we can say that smartphones use us. That’s how smart phones are running in our world.

However, smart phones have some advantages. By using smart phones one can know good things. So we do some mistakes in the smart phones we use without knowing it. So our phone gives some glitches in few days. Don’t make such mistakes to avoid any problems with your phone.

What are the mistakes that should not be made in a smart phone..?

Some mistakes happen in the smart phone we use without our knowledge. So there will be some problems in the phone. Similarly, there will be some changes in the phone. Don’t make these mistakes to avoid such problems.

Step1 :

Do not charge your mobile frequently. While charging, do not pick up the phone until it is fully charged. Do not pick up the phone halfway while it is charging. For example, while charging, do not stop until the charge reaches 100%. Pick up the phone only after fully boarding.

Step 2:

Most of the people keep Bluetooth on. Keeping it on will start draining your phone’s charge. Apart from that there are more chances of viruses entering the phone through Bluetooth. So avoid turning it on.

Step 3:

Cell phones should not be kept in hot places. Usually the bottom of the cell phone gets hot while it is charging. In such a case, some parts of the phone may malfunction when the phone is placed in hot places. So your phone will wear out quickly. Apart from that the components in the phone may fail and cost you some money.

Step 4 :

Similarly, do not turn on the location option on your phone. Because location is turned on, the apps you use can track your location. So don’t make this mistake.

By Karthik

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