Mutual fund investment plan

Do you have child? If so definitely know this mutual fund investment plan

Do you have child? If so definitely know this mutual fund investment plan

Do you have child? If so definitely know this

Mutual fund investment plan :

There are many people who want to invest. But there are very few people who implement it. Especially when it comes to investing in children’s future, let’s think we can wait a little longer.

But in the end it may not be possible. Thus we will take loan for children’s education expenses. This is the case in many families. Many of us are forced to flounder at the last minute without awareness.

Plan :

Planning for a child’s education is one of the unavoidable responsibilities in investment plans. There should not be too much risk in children. At the same time, the return should be relatively high on the investment. Because they concern the future of children. So how old is your child? What is their educational program? Estimate how much you need to invest for it. Start investing soon.

Inflation may increase:

If they are long-term investments that give steady returns, they will prove useful in the future, especially when it comes to children’s future. As inflation continues to peak, fears may arise as to how much it will increase in the future. For example a tuition fee that is Rs 1 lakh today may increase to Rs 5 lakh or even more in 10 years.

Inflation may increase So inflation is sure to increase in future. So plan your investments accordingly. Inflation rose to 7% in August. So the cagr rate of Nifty has increased by 13% on an average over the last 10 years. It’s still more of a long-term view. So long term investment is essential. For this you can opt for SIP.

Have to plan :

There are various types of funds in the market today. So which of them to choose? Let’s see. Which field are they going to choose for their children’s education? For example if they prefer medical field then plan accordingly. No need to plan investment according to engineering or what to study. Are you going to study that too in India? Or are they going to study abroad? It should also be planned. There are many things that need to be taken into account, such as how much time it takes. So all this should be planned first.

What kind of funds?

There are many funds available according to your risk. There are large cap, small cap, mid cap funds, multi cap funds etc. However, in today’s time, there are various funds such as funds for children’s education, retirement funds, and ETFs. Plan as if there is at least a 5 year lock in period.

Here are some funds?

There are many types of fund houses like ICICI, HDFC, Tata, SBI, UTI etc. These provide some funds for children. Although the lock-in period is 5 years, there is a facility to extend it. Some types of funds may also be tax-deductible. Some of these funds give returns of up to 15%. So it will be useful to realize your children’s future dream. SIP can be the best way to achieve your such inevitable goals. However, to select the right fund you can consult the right advisor.

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