Did you know these are healthy food and benefits

Did you know these are healthy food and benefits

Apples are some of the time called “healthful forces to be reckoned with” due to their amazing nourishing profile. Apples contain around 14% of our every day needs of Vitamin C (a ground-breaking characteristic cell reinforcement), B-complex nutrients, dietary fiber, phytonutrients (which help shield the body from the hindering impacts of free revolutionaries), and minerals like calcium and potassium.

Studies have uncovered that eating apples can conceivably help forestall dementia and lessen the danger of stroke and diabetes. For essential of living we need healthy foods that help to grow. For good health we need good food. Healthy food can be useful for avoiding medicines. Healthy fibre foods can helps for heart dueses. Aha healthy fibre helps to improve blood cholesterol. Healthy foods can control of fats and obesity. It can give energy to keep active. Healthy foods give u to healthy weight. It’s also prevent diet related illnesses

Health is wealth! Eating healthy food and following a healthy lifestyle can keep us healthy and happy.Healthy food keeps us away from diseases. We feel relaxed, light and stress-free when we eat nourishing food because we know we are feeding something healthy and good to our bodies.Healthy food is full of various nutrients. These nutrients provide us energy and alertness. Hence, we stay active.So, I suggest everyone to eat healthy, do exercise and be healthy as health is wealth.

eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grainschoosing fat-free or low fat dairy products, fish, poultry, beans, nuts, and vegetable oilsFiber is an easily accessible prebiotic and is abundant in legumes, grains, fruits, and vegetables. It also promotes regular bowel movements, which can help prevent bowel.

Food a important item in our day to day life as food give us energy to work sleep etc…..
Vegetable are the main items wich enhance our lives with giving more fibers,vitimins,etc…..
Meat is also a protein full item but it increases the colostrol in our body as a result we get many diseases like over body,heart attacks ,etcccc
Fruits which are very nice and juicy also contain many protines and vitimins which enhance our lives to a durable path
Many are not consious about taking food .junk food which is the best for taste and worst for health .it developed more suger or power which turns into fat.

Healthy foods are must important to out body ,our body condition is depends upon how we take food,we have to eat only healthy foods then only our body is good and strength, healthy foods means vegetables, fruits,and curry , green leaves ,we have to take these items regularly then only we have to strong, immune power will increase,no disease will attack,if we have any disease automatically recover,no medicine needed,so please take healthy foods and stay strong, avoid refrigerator,drink more water,eat more vegetables,keep our body cool,we have to eat all vegetables.

earlier than refrigeration inside the warm areas, people found that some foods might be dried either by way of daylight or by heating.every other big step was the invention of salting. adding approximately
of salt to pork or red meat maintain them for a long time even at heat temperatures of a tropical climate. In each cases, water to be had for microorganisms (free water) is reduced to a awareness that they cannot proliferate anymore.


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