9 lakhs income in 3 years!

9 lakhs income in 3 years!

9 lakhs income in 3 years!

We’ve seen that collective fund investment is profitable and can yield high returns. In this situation, we’ve entered information about a collective fund scheme that will get Rs 9 lakh if you invest only Rs,000 per month in 3 times. What is that plan? How much to invest? How much profit? Let’s see now

Equity Mutual Fund :

Equity Mutual Fund

Among mutual fund schemes we have seen that equity mutual funds are one of the best investment types that provide high returns over the long term. Equity funds are said to be best for long-term purposes because they have the ability to ride with the volatility of stock markets and give high returns over long periods of time.

Five Star rating program :

Investors should consider the investment objective, risk, time frame and target while choosing equity mutual funds. Equity funds make it easier for investors to start a SIP. Let us now see that if we invest Rs.10,000 monthly in two 5-star rated equity funds, we will get more than Rs.9 lakhs in 3 years.

Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund – Direct Scheme :

Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund Direct Scheme was established in 2019. The fund’s NAV as on 28 October 2022 was Rs.26.17. Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund Direct’s performance last year has been 12.70%. And it has given investors an average return of 29.68% per annum.

9 lakhs in 3 years :

Canara Robico Small Cap Fund Direct – Growth Scheme can be noted that if you invest Rs.10,000 per month in SIP mode for 3 years i.e. if you invest Rs.3.60 lakhs in three years, you will get Rs.9.22 lakhs.

How to middle class people can also become millionaires Rs.1 crore in 15 years!

Fund Managers :

City Union Bank Ltd., Schaeffler India Ltd., Cera Sanitary Ware Ltd., Indian Hotels Co. Ltd., and Century Textiles & Industries Ltd. the fund managers of the scheme have invested.

Quant tax scheme – direct scheme :

Quant Tax Scheme – Direct Scheme is ELSS Mutual Fund Scheme. This scheme was introduced in the year 2000. The fund’s NAV as on 28 October 2022 was Rs.267.6. The scheme has given an average return of 21.64% per annum. If you invest Rs.10,000 monthly in this scheme through SIP, you will get an income of ₹9.38 lakh in 3 years.

Investment :


Ambuja Cements Limited, ITC Limited, Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited, State Bank of India and Patanjali Foods Limited are the fund managers of the scheme.

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