100 grams of sitab fruit… Prevents the risk of heart attack; Eat like this if you have sugar

Among the fruits, the fruit that stands out is the sitab fruit. There is a lot of data on the Ayurvedic benefits of sitab fruit during fruit season. Its leaves, root and bark are said to have many medicinal uses.

Since it has twice the calories of an apple, it provides immediate energy to the body after eating. It is rich in potassium which prevents muscle relaxation. Controls blood pressure. Sitaba fruit provides 10% of our recommended magnesium intake. This helps the heart muscles to relax. Also prevents stroke.

It is not so good for people with diabetes to eat sitab fruit. It is a very sweet fruit. Although its glycemic index is 54, the sugar impact is 10.2 points, so diabetic patients should not take it in large quantities. Can be taken in small pieces. It should also be taken with food. It is even better if we eat it with curd, smoothie, oats. 100 grams of cheetah contains 20 mg of vitamin C. It helps in the secretion of insulin. Magnesium, calcium, and iron present in it indirectly help in the secretion of insulin. And the fiber in it makes us feel like we’ve eaten too much and doesn’t make us want to snack.

100 grams of sitab fruit, Prevents the risk of heart attack; Eat like this if you have sugar

Helps heal stomach ulcers. Helps regulate stomach functions.

It prevents cancer and heart disease. And in recent studies, its leaves are anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-obesity, anti-viral-bacterial, etc. It contains vitamin B-complex, thiamine, riboflavin, nisin, vitamin B6. The B-complex nutrient present in it helps in controlling stress in the brain.


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