Interesting facts about the telescope:

Everyone is eagerly waiting for this telescope. This is the most powerful space telescope ever in a vehicle. This is the first electrical device that was created when the universe was formed. We can see other stars.

This is a very large, complex, and challenging space telescope in our time of creation. It is going to tell us about our universe and the many mysteries in it. This is the James Webb Space Telescope.

With a primary mirror about half a meter long, the telescope is six times larger than the space telescope primary mirror.

The four critical instruments and cameras in it operate at very cold temperatures, much lower than the surface temperature

The largest sun house we’ve ever built for this cooler is a tennis court of currency folded in half to reflect heat from the sun, moon, and earth.

This telescope captures the light from the most distant galaxies in existence. These galaxies formed about 13 billion years ago, just 300 million years after the Big Bang. The solar system is unique whether or not there are explanations

It is very difficult to send such a large telescope into space because it is too big, so it cannot be placed inside any rocket, so the engineers who created it can fold it like a paper ship and make it carry the 25 meter diameter Areon 5 rocket of European space.

After the Ariane 5 rocket is launched, the engineers will push the telescope into space little by little. After this separation event, which takes place for about three weeks, the mirrors will be positioned. For this, the engineers will use the motors behind the mirrors. Many thousands of people in America, Canada and Europe are working to build this telescope. It is the most powerful telescope we have built. We are going to test many new lakes. It is going to explain to us the beauty and mysteries of our universe.

By Karthik